It's open source, how could that possibly go wrong!?

Marco Bernasocchi

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Migrating to opensource is a No-Go, some say... No support, No warranties, No sales reps, No help, just a bunch of Garage companies...
or is it, migrating to opensource is a no brainer… No licenses, No costs?

When evaluating a migration to opensource we should definitely consider all the points above, and while all the negative views are often used to spread FUD[1] by proprietary software vendors, seeing the absence of licensing costs as the main advantage of such a migration can and probably will lead to uninformed decisions and unexpected results.

While it is true that an opensource solution has a generally much lower TCO[2], to effectively use opensource tools in an enterprise environment, other aspects like product ownership, responsibilities and [re-]training need to be considered to ensure a painless move to the world of No lock-in, agile projects and technological advantage.

[1] Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
[2] Total Cost of Ownership