Serverless infrastructure to manage vector and tiff data: pbf and COGs

Raúl García, Belén Sáez, Simone Dalmasso and Enrique Soriano

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Classical spatial information architectures have required a server for the dissemination of spatial information at vector and raster level.
With the evolution of technologies and the empowerment of navigators, new alternatives to the dissemination of spatial information in vector and raster format have appeared.
Thus, at present, it is possible to conform an architecture serverless that allows the publication of spatial information based on the following standards and technologies:
* Vectorial information in .pbf format using the STAC and WFS3 architecture.
* Serverless raster information using COGs: Cloud Optimised Geotiffs
* Rendering of large amounts of information via WebGL in the browser.
This talk offers an overview of a full serverless architecture based on OpenSource technologies.