Are we going back to Command Line GIS ?

Nicolas Roelandt

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In the early ages of Computer Science, there was only Command Line Interface (CLI).
No mouse, no windows. But computers was already able to do more than just calculus.

First of this kind -- in the early eighties ! -- GRASS GIS was able to manipulate,
analyze and visualize geospatial data. All in CLI. But it was frightening for
most users. CLI is terrifying.

Then graphical interfaces arrived with windows and mouses. Computers started to
be cheaper and more affordable. Almost everyone now can own and use a computer.
With a graphical interface.

Less scary, more accessible. And GIS followed the trend. ESRI created ArcMap,
QGIS was born. Even GRASS GIS got a Graphical User Interface at some point.

But isn't CLI making a come back ? Quietly ? Even in our small geospatial heaven ?
Let's have a look at behind the curtain and see what CLI can offer nowadays with
the Python and R datascience stacks.

Let's look at CLI GIS, right in the eye !

By the end of the talk audience members will :
* not be afraid of CLI anymore (let's hope)
* might want to learn a scripting language and explore console mode
* want to combine best of both worlds