GLAM panel

Susanna Ånäs, Mike Dickison, Joachim Neubert and Beat Estermann

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The Role of Wikidata within Data Ecosystems that Extend Beyond the Realm of Wikimedia Projects
In this session the four speakers will shed light on the role of Wikidata in the context of data ecosystems that serve usage scenarios that reach beyond the realm of Wikimedia projects. They will present concrete data publication projects they have been involved in and discuss how Wikidata is complementary to third party data platforms. Together, they will try to find ways to address the various challenges encountered in their respective projects and point out areas where increased coordination will be needed in the future.
The examples covered pertain to topics as varied as the description of historical places, library authority files, art history, conservation data, press archives, and performing arts:

Susanna Ånäs has been involved with organisations in Finland who have developed vocabularies and ontologies of places and place names, in which a special attention is paid to historical places as well as to the history of existing places. As the Finnish Names Archive decided to use Wikibase to publish their place names collection, the modelling choices made in Wikidata have served as an important reference point for Finnish GLAMs when it comes to modelling places.
Mike Dickison has worked with numerous GLAM organisations throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, helping them engage with Wikimedia projects. He will report on three main projects: the National Library of NZ authority lists, the Bloomsbury South art history project with Christchurch Art Gallery, and working with the Department of Conservation to add every living member of the endangered kākāpō species to Wikidata.
Joachim Neubert is running a project on Wikidata to improve the access to the content of the “20th Century Press Archive” (PM20), a large collection of folders with millions of press clippings and other material about persons, organizations, wares, events and general subjects. Founded in 1908 in Germany, the archive soon extended its coverage to newspapers all over the world. The PM20 metadata is well structured (using controlled vocabularies, such as GND), and has been released by its creator ZBW under a CC-0 licence. (WikiProject)
Beat Estermann has been working towards the creation of an International Knowledge Base for the Performing Arts based on linked data technology, relying both on Wikidata and the classical linked data approach. Over the past few years, he has contributed to data publication projects related to various segments of the performing arts value network, involving production and presenting companies, archival institutions, educational and research institutions, as well as the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia (see: Building a Linked Open Data Ecosystem for the Performing Arts).