Wikibase for Canadian Indigenous Content

Stacy Allison-Cassin

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This session will focus on the broad issue of Indigenous related data in Wikibase and Wikidata through a specific use case/project. The Canadian Federation of Library Associations Indigenous Matters group is working on developing an Indigenous-specific ontology. This is part of a response to the Truth and Reconciliation Report and seen as vital mechanism for, in part, dealing with the negative legacy of colonialism. Wikibase is potentially the best mechanism for making this data available.
The goal is to demonstrate this specific use case a model case for similar work and also raise critical issues that need to be considered by the community as a whole.

The challenges of modelling this kind of data and why Wikidata is not the best choice
Successes, challenges and critical issues
Issues related to the integration of Indigenous languages, historical communities (i.e. communities no longer occupied)
Questions this kind of work raises for the GLAM sector as a whole, especially as it relates to marginalized knowledges
How the use of Wikibase support Indigenous data sovereignty and the tension this raises within the open movement as a whole.