Traffic Engineering SR/Spring networks using Open Source Tools

Tobias Heister

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Building on top of the Segment Routing Talk from DENOG8 we showcase what multi vendor Traffic Enginneering options are available using Open Source Tools

The DENOG 8 Talk "Next-Generation Traffic Engineering with SPRING" introduced the building blocks of Segment Routing as a new MPLS signaling protocol. Traffic engineering capabilities were allready built into the protocol, but next to no implementations were present. After a short recap of the general SR/SPRING information we will show a demo implementation of a Traffic Engineering controller.

We build a showcase traffic Engineering Controller based on Open Source Tools:
- Streaming Telemetry for real time Traffic insight into the network
- BGP-LS into ExaBGP streaming into a redis storage
- netconf calls for information enrichment
- Web UI to display a topology view of the network
- e.g. check real time traffic via Grafana integration
- select a new network path for a given prefix via WEB-Ui
- signal Traffic engineering Path to the network via BGP-LU from exaBGP

The Controller works against a test network running Arista and Juniper Devices.