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Playlist "DENOG 10"

Traffic Engineering SR/Spring networks using Open Source Tools

Tobias Heister

Building on top of the Segment Routing Talk from DENOG8 we showcase what multi vendor Traffic Enginneering options are available using Open Source Tools

The DENOG 8 Talk "Next-Generation Traffic Engineering with SPRING" introduced the building blocks of Segment Routing as a new MPLS signaling protocol. Traffic engineering capabilities were allready built into the protocol, but next to no implementations were present. After a short recap of the general SR/SPRING information we will show a demo implementation of a Traffic Engineering controller.

We build a showcase traffic Engineering Controller based on Open Source Tools:
- Streaming Telemetry for real time Traffic insight into the network
- BGP-LS into ExaBGP streaming into a redis storage
- netconf calls for information enrichment
- Web UI to display a topology view of the network
- e.g. check real time traffic via Grafana integration
- select a new network path for a given prefix via WEB-Ui
- signal Traffic engineering Path to the network via BGP-LU from exaBGP

The Controller works against a test network running Arista and Juniper Devices.