How to host and access STAC Imagery using Google's gRPC Remote Procedure Call framework and Protobuf messages

David Raleigh

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At Swiftera we've built a Spatio Temporal Asset Catalog (STAC) service using the gRPC framework and protobuf messages (instead of the OpenAPI framework and JSON messages) . The Remote Procedure Call framework, gRPC, and the protobuf message format are what Google uses internally for it's micro-services (10s of billions of messages a second). Since Google open sourced gRPC 4 years ago, it has been widely adopted by companies moving massive amounts of data (Netflix, Salesforce, Spotify and others). But it isn't only about performance, it's also an suprisingly easy framework to get up and running. At FOSS4GNA we open sourced our NAIP metadata service and the IDL defining the services and messages. By Bucharest we plan to have added Landsat and Sentinel to our public gRPC service. We want to share more about what it's like to work with gRPC and the ease of development for hosting your own gRPC services.