Modernization of land administration in Colombia based on FOSS4G and standards

Germán Carrillo

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Colombia is facing a huge challenge to formalize land tenure in an efficient, massive and decentralized manner. The Swiss cooperation provides all different actors with a common conceptual and technical framework. On the one hand, a Colombian profile [1] of the LADM (ISO:19152) was built, constituting the core of a Spatial Data Infrastructure for Land Administration (IDE-AT).

On the other hand, the INTERLIS language [2] guarantees interoperability for data formats and systems and is the basis of a free software ecosystem around the project: QField [3] offers automatically generated forms to capture both geographic and alphanumeric data, as well as their associated documents. In the office, operators use a QGIS plugin called “LADM_COL Assistant” [4] to migrate and structure field data into a LADM-COL database. The same tool is employed by cadastral authorities to receive, validate (both topologically and logically), review and integrate the data incorporating changes into official systems. Finally, the new data is disposed in the IDE-AT to all actors of land administration.

The project not only develops new software, but also contributes code to base projects such as ili2db [5], QGIS Model Baker [6] and QGIS [7] itself.