Social protection portal Kampala - On open source portal for humanitarian use

Lars Agerskov Christensen

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In close collaboration with UNICEF Uganda and GeoGecko, KCCA spearheaded the development of an online open source portal to provide a visual presentation of key social services available in Kampala. The tool is built on the backbone of four pillars aimed at (i) identifying key partners’ operations and the nature of their engagement in Kampala, (ii) mapping infrastructure points designed to deliver predetermined services (e.g. schools), (iii) summarizing parish level specific socio-economic profiles, and ultimately (iv) offer insight into the lives of young Ugandan adolescent girls accessing such service in Uganda’s capital city.
The tool is built with Open Source tools and can therefore easily be adopted to other projects, regions and be implemented in another context.
During this presentation we will (i) walk through the portal and explain how it is created, (ii) describe how it is currently used, and most importantly (iii) discuss how it can be improved and adapted to other sectors at scale.