A Modern Ticketing System for Communicating with Customers Efficiently

Thomas King and Tobias Neumann

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A Ticketing System is a crucial component for receiving tasks and staying in touch with customers. DE-CIX relied heavily on a modified version of Request Tracker as a Ticketing System for the Customer Service team for many years successfully. However, we realized that Request Tracker is not up to our current requirements anymore. So, we looked out for a replacement. We selected Jira Service Desk. In this talk, I want to provide insights into this change. What were the reasons? Which benefits come with the new system? Which improvements does it bring for our customers? How was the migration? Would DE-CIX do it again?

Der Vortrag wird bei Tobias Neumann (Head of Customer Service beim DE-CIX) gehalten. Tobias spricht über seine Erfahrung ein modernes Ticketing System einzuführen!