ArduTouch music synthesizer -- music generation for newbies

Mitch Altman

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ArduTouch makes way cool sound, music, and noise! It is an open hardware, Arduino-compatible musical instrument with a touch keyboard, amp, and speaker. It is easy to build -- designed for total beginners to learn to solder together. It provides a very low cost, yet powerful, method for making music/sound/noise, and a fun way to learn Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for generating music/sound/noise. This talk will show beginners how the ArduTouch music synthesizer kit makes use of DSP to create its large diversity of music/sound/noise. Mitch will also explain how the touch keyboard works, as well as the cheap amplifier/speaker built into the board. The ArduTouch Arduino library works on any Arduino board and Mitch will demonstrate how to make use of this library to create your own unique synthesizers -- both by hacking some of the many examples it comes with, and by making use of its high-level functions. This talk will also include a demo of some of the music the ArduTouch can make, as well as some wonderful nasty noise!

A workshop for soldering together ArduTouch music synthesizer kits will be held before the talk on Sunday at 1pm at the Hardware Hacking Area (Camp: G).