A Tour Through the Visualization Jungle

Fearn Bishop

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Often we use graphs and charts ('visualizations') to display information in a way which makes understanding the data they show seem intuitive. They are used by well dressed individuals to show their projected quarterly earnings, by primary school teachers introducing exciting new ideas to wide eyed children, and by news organisations trying to explain that it's definitely ok to drink that 5th cup of coffee. But all's not fair in charts and graphs, intentionally or not they are not always faithful to the data. How can you spot a misleading chart, and what happens when what they don't reflect the truth?

In this talk we'll tour the visualization jungles, looking at some of the scariest, most dangerous, and weirdest visualizations out there. You'll learn some of the tricks used to change what a visualization shows and see examples of some previous weird and wonderful visualizations. By the end of our tour you'll know what to watch out for in your future visualization adventures, and how to make you own visualizations a little less intimidating or misleading to fellow adventurers.