BIO routing - a versatile, fast and reliable open source routing daemon in golang

Daniel Czerwonk and Oliver 'takt' Herms

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BIO routing is a project to create a versatile, fast and reliable routing daemon in Golang (BIO = BGP + IS-IS + OSPF). Why did we start the project, what is it and what did we achieve yet?

We would like to present the current state of the BIO routing project. The talk should cover the following key points:
* who are we?
* why another routing daemon? (what's the problem with bird, FRR, OpenBGPd, etc.)
* why did we choose golang as the programming language?
* key concepts and focus of BIO
* current feature set of BIO (maybe a short live demo)
* using BIO as library to implement specific tools like route injectors
* what's planned for the future
* what did we learn while implementing
* how to contribute

This should give the audience a pretty good understanding of the project and how they can benefit from it. It would be wonderful to get people interested in using BIO or even join our team and help implementing features. We are confident with what we achieved in the last 6 months and would love to share our enthusiasm with other people :)

Source code is available at:

BIO used as library for a route injector: