OpenBGPD, gotta go fast!

Claudio Jeker

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Status update about current work done on OpenBGPD and how this can be used as a route-server alternative at internet exchange points.

OpenBGPD was started in 2003 and became quickly popular in many
smaller networks and also as route-server at many IXPs. Over the
years the requirements for running BGP -- especially route servers
at exchange points -- has changed but OpenBGPD did not keep up with
some of them. Thanks to the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund and
donations by various IXPs a lot of improvements are currently done.
This presentation is an update what was achieved until now and what
will come. One of the show cases is how OpenBGPD can be used
together with arouteserver -- a config generator -- to build secure
route-servers for IXPs.