How to grow a flow3r

schneider, timonsku and q3k

Playlists: 'camp2023' videos starting here / audio

Do you want your flow3r to blossom? This talk will give you all information you need to know: How to assemble it, what to do with it, where to get help and how to write software for it.

Music brings us together. Vibrant colors captivate us. The flow3r is an electronic instrument - it turns touch and gesture into sound and light. Its illuminated edge is a mesmerizing accompaniment to its music and serves as a canvas for all manners of light effects. The badge invites you to create art and beauty together.

We will talk about what the flow3r is in more detail, how to put it together, how to operate it, what to do with it at camp, how to write software, how to reach the community, how to extend it, etc.

Everyone who wants a mention of their project related to flow3r: Get in touch with us ( or and we will try to get you into the talk.