Developing a GIS-based roads maintenance management system

Laura Mugeha

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Roads are essential in our day to day activities. In developing countries especially in Africa, the road sub-sector accounts for over 80% of the total passenger traffic and 76% of freight leaving a small proportion to water, rail and air transport. For this reason, they need to be in their best condition to increase the productivity of the region.

The maintenance of the road network in Kenya is handled by five different agencies all coordinated by the government. Ideally, the process involved requires the collection of data for selection and prioritization purposes but this is rarely done due to the associated costs.

This research aims at providing decision support based on real-time data from different sources including Twitter reports in addition to the data received from the different mandated agencies ensuring a data-driven decision making process. This will further offer comprehensive condition-based decision support that goes beyond the time-based nature of the current process.