Development of a public toilet search system using open data and chatbots

Yoichi Kayama

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Tokyo Metropolis publishes a lot of data, and holds an application contest using that data every year.
The 2017 contest had the challenge of "developing a tool that would allow everyone to find the perfect toilet for them on the go".
I applied for the contest on this subject.
There is a chat tool named LINE in Asia,many people use it.
We can respond to user input programmatically by creating an auto-answer program called Bot and linking it to this chat tool.
I thought that I could search for toilets from LINE if I made a search bot.
Some Japanese public toilets are barrier-free.Some toilets have a table to replace baby diapers.
Some toilets have facilities for people who wear stoma to clean it.
The toilet data published by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government contains information on the position of the toilet and the equipment attached to the toilet.
The chat tool LINE is often used using a smartphone. If you use a smartphone, you can search public toilet in Tokyo.

So I made a prototype to search the toilet using location and facility information as LINE input program.
I used FOSS4G to handle location information in creating this program.
At this conference, I would like to explain this development.