GeoServer feature frenzy

Andrea Aime and Jody Garnett

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What can you do with this GeoServer thing? This talk covers some of the basic (and not so basic) ways to use GeoServer to publish your geospatial data and make it look great!

GeoServer made its first release in 2001 and has grown into an amazing, capable and diverse program. This also means the “feature list” is spread over years of release announcements, presentations, mailing list archives!

This presentations provides a whirlwind tour of GeoServer and everything it can do today!

This talk is a visual guide to the features of GeoServer. Are you just getting started with GeoServer, or considering it for the first time? Attend this talk and prioritize what you want to look into first. Are you an expert user who has been running GeoServer since version 1.0? Attend this talk and see what tricks an optimizations you have been missing out on!