Geochicas OSM

María Ballesteros

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GeochicasOSM is a community of mainly Spanish-speaking women, from Latin America and Spain, work mapping OpenStreetMap (OSM) and Wikipedia, and related to the geo world and geotechnologies, which work with the goal of closing the gender gap in different communities in which they participate through joint and collaborative projects and initiatives among women.
The group was created at the 'SOTM LATAM 2016' Conference in São Paulo (Brazil) and there are currently users in at least 20 countries around 3 continents. The co-founders are Selene, Céline and Miriam, and are based in Mexico and Paraguay.
Among its diverse and varied projects, with the common nexus of making women visible, the following can be highlighted: Survey on gender in the OpenStreetMap community; Training spaces; Preparation of maps with different topics with women as focus point; The Violet Streets; Women Mapping the World; The streets of women, which emerged in the framework of International Women Day and it wants to give visibility to gender disparity that exists in the nomenclature of streets while creating collaboration between both communities, GeochicasOSM and Wikipedia, and the show on the roles of women historically and their socio-cultural contributions.