OGC Overview: programs, processes, standards baseline and new developments relevant for the OSGeo community

Athina Trakas, Stephan Meißl, Tom Kralidis and Angelos Tzotsos

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The coordination of increasingly faster development of geospatial Free and Open Source Software and more longer term oriented standards presents some challenges which have been identified and taken up by key organizations of the domain. OGC and OSGeo have a long history of cooperation, since many years we work together through a Memorandum of Understanding, which amongst other aspects provides OSGeo to a certain extend access to the OGC standards development process. The cooperation is meant to bring in requirements, ideas and expertise from the OSGeo community to the OGC programs and processes and provides the OSGeo community with an insight into the current developments of open standards.

The Overview presentation will provide a short insight into the OGC programs and processes and will explain the idea and development approaches for the OGC baseline. It will also talk about the results of various hackathons (OGC API hackathon) and Innovation Program initiatives (e.g. EO Big Data Architecture) that will happen in June and July.
It will furthermore give an update on the Future Directions technology trends mapping of OGC and how the OSGeo community can be part of it.