OGC standards development and the role of OSGeo

Tom Kralidis, Athina Trakas and Angelos Tzotsos

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OGC and OSGeo have a long history of cooperation, since many years we work together through a Memorandum of Understanding, which amongst other aspects provides OSGeo to a certain extend access to the OGC standards development process. The cooperation is meant to bring in requirements, ideas and expertise from the OSGeo community to the OGC programs and processes and provides the OSGeo community with an insight into the current developments of open standards.

This presentation gives an insight into the development of xyz software (PyCSW?) and the implementation of the abc standard (CSW?) into the software. How does the standards development work in the OGC? What are the perceived benefits of participating in the Standards Program and why does it matter for open source software developers to contribute to the standards development.