A digital 3D maquette on country scale with pointclouds, postgis, 3D tiles and cesium

Tom van Tilburg & Anne Blankert

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More open pointcloud data is released every year and with it there is an increasing request for automatically generated large scale digital maquettes that can be used in city-planning, environmental modelling and 3D data-analysis. We will show how we use a pipeline of OS software that goes from pointclouds and cadastral data to a full scale 3D maquette of your country. Processing happens mostly in postgres and takes typically a couple of minutes per square km.

Included in the talk is:
* introduction of some python-scripts for pointcloud-processing
* adoption of procedural language in postgres
* advanced use of postgis (voronoi, sfcgal etc)
* generating 3D tiles
* styling a maquette in cesium

The presentation will be fast paced and includes a range of technical details but should be understandable for the average person. It includes code examples and live demo's. In the end you will have an understanding of available software (both new and existing), do's and don'ts in generating 3D data with OSS and contemplations on how to use a digital 3D maquette.