State of MapServer

Seth Girvin, Daniel Morissette and Michael Smith

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MapServer 7.4 was released earlier this year. The main focus of this release is MapScript - MapServer’s scripting language, and we'll review the various language options available along with other changes and lesser known features from recent releases. A summary of development from the recent OSGeo codesprint in Minnesota, and the road map towards MapServer 8 will be presented.

A description of MapServer [1] and a brief history of its development will be outlined, along with a summary of the project health including numbers of active contributors and mailing list users, and project steering committee changes. An overview of projects related to MapServer will be given including MapCache [2], MapServer for Windows [3], GC2 [4], mappyfile [5], and the Zoo project [6].

We'll look at how to get involved with MapServer and help with the continued success of the project at all technical levels. Finally members of the MapServer PSC (Project Steering Committee) will be present at the talk to answer questions.