Behind the mirror : how we run an OpenSource company

Vincent Picavet

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All of you are OpenSource software users. While you know how the software runs, you may not know what is behind the mirror.

Nowadays, most OpenSource software are written by employees of companies. There are plenty of organizational models for these companies. In this presentation we drop the mask and talk about the principles driving our own organization.

As a matter of fact, we try as a company to have a strong coherency between what we do - OpenSource software - and how we do it. Transparency and asynchronicity for example are among the principles laying the basis for our day-to-day work. We are part of the Opensource community at large, and we have a very similar organization.

During this talk, we explain the way we work, our motivations and and how a distributed team made of individuals joins forces to produce OpenSource software and try to have a positive impact on its environment.