How to organise your digital life in a privacy-preserving, machine-agnostic, and practical manner

Zvezdin Besarabov

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For a few years now I have been looking into how I can organise my digital workflow to be privacy-preserving yet practical enough that still allows me to integrate with society. I am looking for standard-compliant technologies which are cloud-first and end-to-end encrypted. That is, if I lose a device of mine, I do not lose any piece of valuable data, and neither can anyone else access it. I have been experimenting with many FOSS alternatives to traditionally centralised systems, such as timetabling, tasks, personal archiving, emails, password managers.

In this talk I will present my top picks for FOSS projects which get the job done. I will put a particular focus on personal file management - efficient folder structures, cloud syncing, encryption, and cached access. Lastly, I will direct attention to killer features which you can contribute to and advance this field massively :)