Analysing Translation of Wikidata Properties

John Samuel

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Wikidata properties may be limited in number, but they play a significant role in describing items by multilingual contributors. It's important to understand and view how the property labels and descriptions are translated and how new aliases are added in different languages. WDProp[1] gives a granular view on the translation path[2][3] of each property. However, it important to look at these translations at coarser level. Is there any regular translation pattern? How can such translation patterns help improve translation of newly created properties and may eventually help the translation of Wikidata items?


↑ Towards Understanding and Improving Multilingual Collaborative Ontology Development in Wikidata, John Samuel, Wiki Workshop 2018 (held at The Web Conference 2018), Lyon, France, 24 April 2018

↑ Analyzing and visualizing translation patterns of Wikidata properties. John Samuel, Experimental IR Meets Multilinguality, Multimodality, and Interaction (Vol. 11018, pp. 128–134).