ifupdown-ng - Contemporary network configuration for Linux

Aaron A. Glenn and Maximilian Wilhelm

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There are many different ways to configure networking on Linux. Debian and Alpine use ifupdown1, and Cumulus Networks invented ifupdown2; other distributions have various other systems, such as systemd-networkd and NetworkManager.

This talk will present ifupdown-ng, a new project by the Network Services Association intended as a drop-in replacement for ifupdown1 and ifupdown2 installations. Presently, Alpine and Debian are the primary supported environments. Support for other Linux distributions and BSD is planned.

With its modular design, ifupdown-ng intends to allow flexibility for today’s modern networking setups, while being easy to extend.

ifupdown-ng is Open Source and can be found on GitHub at: https://github.com/ifupdown-ng/ifupdown-ng/