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Playlist "State of the Map 2021"

Lightning Talks II

SotM Working Group

This track gathers various lightning talks of 5 minutes each.

## The Boundary Puzzle
*ark Arjun* | *[arkarjun](*

The story of OSM Kerala community in developing the administrative boundaries of Kerala, a southern state of India. The Mammoth effort of volunteers made the different level of administrative boundaries of the state created a large impact in recent times including the pandemic management. The talk gives a brief on how the citizen-oriented participatory mapping revolutionised the open data culture and influenced the authorities.

## The YouTube community of OpenStreetMappers
*Gregory Marler* | *[LivingWithDragons](*

Let's take a look at YouTube and the community there from an OpenStreetMap view. I quickly cover the big and important channels that host talks, provide tutorials and learning, along with those doing desktop streams or turning on a camera and chatting as they go out mapping.

## Let's meet at an island. OpenStreetMap as a source for spatial chat tool worlds
*Helga Tauscher*

This talk shows how worlds for adhoc video-conferencing systems or spatial chat tools, for example [WorkAdventure]( can be populated from geospatial or other real-world data on an automated basis. The island scenario is the first of three scenarios to be investigated, with the other two being scenarios on the building and city district level.

## Experiments in P2P tiles
*Iván Sánchez Ortega* | *[ivansanchez](*

An exploration on how a seemingly obscure web standard (WebRTC) can be exploited to provide P2P transmission of rendered map tiles and theoretically lower the load on the OSMF's tileservers.

## Open Healthcare Access Map
*Marcel Reinmuth* | *[maze2p0](*

Get insights on travel time to healthcare facilities, population coverage and their interplay at different scales for a variety of countries. The [Open Healthcare Access Map]( is an OSM data powered application to explore health access.

## Bye Bye, Unclassified
*Martijn van Exel* | *[mvexel](*

Many words have been said and written about road classification in OSM. In this talk, Martijn van Exel will look at this topic through the lens of recent community initiatives in the United States, and add his own opinions you never asked for.

## Project
*Pavel Zbytovský* | *[zby-cz](*

For a long time, I missed the single application for using OpenStreetMap. In this talk I would like to present the universal OpenStreetMap app, OsmAPP for short. After a few years of development, it already offers fast vector maps, clickable POIs, search and even basic editing capabilities. Let's hear the story of this project and discuss the future.

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