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Playlist "State of the Map 2021"

Dealing with Quantity vs Quality

Enock Seth Nyamador

Organized mapping and institution / corporate based mapping keeps rising in the OpenStreetMap community. This talk is inspired by my observations whilst performing Quality Assurance as part of my personal OSM contributions in Ghana; highlighting some problems, solutions and recommendations.

Many contributors be it, a hit-and-run, enthusiast or institution are using our ONLY OpenStreetMap data, and the community saves so many things in our daily lives. The quality of data added to OpenStreetMap is of high importance if we have to keep saving lives and all other things. Data quality can not be ignored, this is very much discussed on various mailing lists, channels and whenever we speak about OpenStreetMap, it is likely to be the first question we expect from our audience who had no idea about OSM in the first place.

Contributing to OpenStreetMap mostly in Ghana, I have come across a couple of mapping activities that I am sometimes not sure what to do or say and left with only one option; want to know :) ?

This presentation will explore some practices in relation to contributing to OpenStreetMap and focuses on Ghana as the Area of Interest. It will demonstrate some of my observations in Ghana:

* how they came about and how I will deal with them or have resolved them and;
* how most of these can be improved and avoided in the future.

At the end of this talk I hope to have convinced you enough to take full responsibility whenever you make a changeset; Quality or Quantity.