Lightning Talks I

SotM Working Group

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Lightning Talk session.

## Kenya Covid-19 Tracker
*Zacharia Muindi*

Map Kibera has launched the Kenya COVID-19 Tracker Ushahidi Instance to document geospatial data, map out resources and services being offered to the community in response to Covid-19 and track cases across Kenya. The project will improve OSM basemaps in Kibera and other informal settlements of Nairobi to allow visualisation of current status and hotspots.

## Mapping Gender issues in Kenya
*Caroline Akoth (WiGIS, Kenya)*

This lightning talk will cover Women in GIS, Kenya efforts to map gender issues in Kenya with support of our community, through #DataViz Challenges.

## Where can you dine like a king?
*Stefan Keller* - [Whitepaper](, [Slides](

Synchronizing Local Datasets and OpenStreetMap using QGIS.

## Nurturing a Ministry of Mapping
*David Garcia*

Who cares for the mapmakers who care? I would like to share a story about a geospatial collective about OSM and FOSS4G that we have been trying to organise in the Philippines during the pandemic.

## Building the Street View Experience, Lagos, Nigeria
*Ayo Akinseye* - [Website](, [Slides](

For better Geo visualization, we built a website with Geo referenced 360 degree panorama photos. Lagos, Nigeria is our first phase.

## What's new on OSMCha?
*Wille Marcel*

OSMCha is a validation tool for OpenStreetMap. On the last months we added some new features like visualization of relation members and more options of background imagery. Get updated on OSMCha with this talk.

## [GeoLadies PH](
*Arnalie Vicario*

Brief talk about GeoLadies PH, which was inspired by Maning Sambale's "How Do We Change the Ratio?" presentation in 2014. GeoLadies PH dvocates incommunity diversity, collaborative participation and affirmative spaces forwomen and under-represented communities in OpenStreetMap and the localgeospatial science community.

## Fighting FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) with Maps
*Janet Chapman*