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Playlist "PrivacyWeek 2019"

Fediverse Is Here To Stay - The Upcoming Transformation of Online Social Media

Paul Fuxjäger

**The Fediverse Network** is fully decentralized and runs on completely different business models than the centralised OSN platform giants - and it's growing fast. We'll discuss how it works and why it's called **the worst nightmare of surveillance capitalists**.

To monopolists like Facebook, the **Fediverse Network** is a highly innovative competitor that **cannot be bought**, something that hasn't emerged so far - and that's why won't go away - and that's why it matters.

Learn about **ActivityPub (AP)**, the protocol that underpins and enables the current fediverse network. AP is now spoken by more than 4500 servers worldwide, and each of them is run by independent actors that are not dependent on selling user attention to the advertising/propaganda industry.

The first AP developers conference took place in September 2019 (, we will report on the community efforts to further improve scalability and persistence of this open network infrastructure.