Uncovering the personal data marketplace with WebXray

Paul May

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We all know that companies track us when we visit websites and use services online.

Who collects that information, and how valuable and personal is it, and how much is it worth? WebXray, a privacy forensics consultancy, will demonstrate.

In this talk [WebXray](www.webxray.eu), a consultancy specializing in the auditing of online web tracking, will illustrate the scale of the problem in enterprise and explain its origins.

As privacy engineers, WebXray demonstrate open-source [tools](www.webxray.org) which audit illicit practices.

There is an alternative the dominant business model of targeted advertising. We will advocate how we can create a pathway towards responsible, privacy-friendly online platforms.

In simple, visual terms, we will also demonstrate the marketplace of personal data in the advertising ecosystem: *who* collects it, how we map data brokers, *what* they collect, and *why* it is valuable.