Introducing if you love the internet, we need your help

Eward Driehuis

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The Dutch Institute for Vulnerability disclosure goes international. We’re building a community of enthusiasts to help stop the downward spiral of the internet, we’re calling it It’s aimed at international collaboration. Trust and communication, balanced with a sense of reality about the sensitive information we deal with, are key. Here’s how you can help, one vulnerability at a time.

The internet is wonderful. It is also broken and spiralling downward. Governments and big tech often don’t serve the interests of internet enthusiasts. Some people decided to “be the change”. In 2019, The Dutch Institute for Vulnerability was founded, and now it has over 70 volunteers. You have likely heard of our work, like Citrix and Kaseya. Communication is key in disclosing and informing organizations. Internationally, this can pose a real challenge. Therefore, we are building an international community, and we’re calling it Trust and communication are key. In this talk, you will learn why we’re expanding, what our challenges are, how we deal with sensitive information, and why it’s logical a volunteer organisation takes the lead. Finally, you’ll learn how you can help.