Microsoft and Openness

James Utzschneider (Microsoft)

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Microsoft has signaled strongly in recent years that it is supportive of, and open to, open source software. As the company increases its participation in open source communities and projects, improves interoperability with open source products and platforms, and works with customers looking to optimize their mixed IT environments, an appreciation for open source software has infused deeply into the Company's DNA. The opportunities for customers, partners - and Microsoft itself - to unlock the potential of open source software are becoming clearer. In his keynote address, James Utzschneider, Microsoft's General Manager of Open Source, will talk about how the company has developed this perspective, and how it is working to increase flexibility and choice for the consumers of these technologies.

Über den Autor James Utzschneider: James Utzschneider is the General Manager for Open Source in Microsoft's Sales, Marketing, and Services Group and leads a team responsible for Microsoft's worldwide marketing efforts around open source and emerging technologies. A 15 year Microsoft veteran, James has held a variety of leadership roles in marketing and engineering, helping the company define and launch new products from the Unlimited Potential Group, Microsoft Dynamics, and multiple enterprise application platform teams. An excellent speaker and customer advocate, he is always worried about what the company is going to do next. He holds an MBA from Duke and a BA from Georgetown.