Keynote: Areas for Improvement in the 2.6 Kernel Development Process

Andrew Morton (OSDL)

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Recent years have seen a large increase in the change pressure upon the Linux kernel. Increased commercial interest, increased involvement from IT corporations and increased usage of Linux have brought in many more kernel developers, and the productivity of the developers is increasing. The kernel team have adapted to this increased pressure by making significant changes to the manner in which the public kernel is developed, tested and distributed. In this session we will review those process changes and the reasons for making them. We will spend some time understanding how the kernel team is presently operating. Especial attention will be paid to shortcomings in the current development process and in the manner in which we implement it.

Über den Autor Andrew Morton: Andrew Morton is the lead maintainer for the Linux® public production kernel. His work is supported by OSDL. Andrew works with Linux creator Linus Torvalds, the kernel subsystem maintainers, Linux distribution companies, hardware vendors and other interested parties to ensure that the public production kernel meets their needs. He is the final arbitrator on determining what code is accepted into the Linux production kernel. Andrew has worked in software development for more than 20 years. As principal engineer at Digeo, he was responsible for the base operating system in the company's broadband digital home entertainment products. Prior to Digeo, he was product development manager for Nortel Networks Australian R&D labs. Previously Andrew served as managing director of an Australia-based personal computer firm and also worked as a hardware engineer for an Australian maker of digital gaming equipment.