Keynote: Ubuntu - The future of a Free Linux Distribution

Mark Shuttleworth (Ubuntu Linux)

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Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth will address in his keynote aspects of Free Software development.

Über den Autor Mark Shuttleworth: Mark Shuttleworth studied finance and information technology at the University of Cape Town, and went on to found Thawte, a company specialising in digital certificates and internet privacy. He sold Thawte to US company VeriSign in 1999, and founded HBD Venture Capital and The Shuttleworth Foundation. In April 2002 Mark flew in space as a cosmonaut member of the crew of Soyuz mission TM34 to the International Space Station. Mark has participated as a Debian developer since the early 1990s, and in 2004 he returned to the GNU/Linux world by funding the development of Ubuntu, a user-friendly version of Linux, through Canonical Limited. In 2005 he founded the Ubuntu Foundation and made an initial investment of 10 million dollars. Mark was born and raised in South Africa, and is currently living in London.