Preach it don´t breach it -Cyber Security and Data Protection as partner in crime

Kerstin Böller

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To build a rock-solid Cyber Security program, there is no way around data protection and privacy these days. Cyber attackers often target assets, which store personal data. Such kind of unlawful disclosure trigger multiple notification requirements - depending on applicable data protection laws. Cyber Security as partner in crime supports the technical stuff like root cause analysis, containment, and mitigation measures. So keep personal data safe, respect data protection and privacy: preach it - don´t breach it!

We would like to share how to build a proper incident response process including state of the art cyber security plus keeping data protection and privacy obligations close at heart. Working both at a big European Software company and incident response being our day-to-day job, we would be very happy to share our experience.

Both fields of expertise have huge potential for complementing each other and quite frankly: it is a lot of fun to work collaboratively in this ever-changing, super dynamic and international environment.