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Achieving the best graphical quality in Godot

Fernando Spina and Lisandro "NoidEXE" Lorea

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One of the biggest prejudices amongst the game dev community that has not tried Godot yet is that the engine is “only good for 2D games!”. Every day Godot is improving its capabilities to render 3D environments more and more, and to put these prejudices to the ground, we took three months to try to achieve the best graphical quality we could for our next game.

Come join us in this talk where we talk about what a team of two people, an artist and an engineer, learned from this experience, what’s amazing, what could be improved, and what didn’t work: Godot 4.2 capabilities, importing assets from Blender to Godot, rendering techniques, workflow, topology, material blending, asset management, level of detail and much more.