12 years as QA in Agile Teams - what has worked and what hasn't

Tales and experiences with people, ways of working, and software tools

Elke Moritz

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For 12 years I have worked as a QA in many international teams that have tried agile techniques to various degrees. Usually the teams included developers, testers/QAs and UX/UI designers. Although we mainly worked on commercial products, we used many freely available tools during development. This talk will focus on our experiences with agile techniques and processes, from "Definition of Ready" and "Definition of Done" to code reviews and releasing with CI/CD.

Processes are important to help develop products in a structured way. But processes need to be adapted to make them work. We have adapted our ways of working based on the products that we worked on and depending on the people that were on the teams. The teams I have worked with have been very international. Usually co-located, but we often have someone working remotely and we have also worked with offsite teams. I have worked on various mobile platforms and on products that were focused on one platform but also on cross-platform teams with 2 Android, 2 iOS, and 2 Web developers in one scrum team. Things I will talk about will include
- how we do code reviews using gerrit
- our experience with estimates
- what we learned from shuffling teams every 3 months
- things that we seem to struggle with in every project