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Playlist "Project Awesome - Two Men, A Pipe Organ and A Russian Army Lorry."

Project Awesome - Two Men, A Pipe Organ and A Russian Army Lorry.

Maximus Ironthumper & Mark Tanner

One of us had a shed full of antique pipe organ parts, the other had a Zil-131 dumped in a hedge at the bottom of his garden.

We decided to start building a portable, fully playable musical instrument with a variety of audio-visual effects including singing Tesla coils, propane cannons and fog horns. Because why not?

It is still very much a work in progress, but in this talk we will explain and demonstrate some of the technical challenges we have faced so far in bringing the project, including its bewildering array of ancient and modern control systems, to life.
We hope to share our experiences of some of the challenges from our journey so far and hopefully encourage other hobbyists who are considering taking on larger than average projects to just get out there and do it!