Coherent optical transceivers - current capabilities and future possibilities

Thomas Weible and Dr. Gerhard Stein

Playlists: 'denog15' videos starting here / audio

With the speed of 400G coherent technology was introduced to pluggable optical transceivers (OIF 400ZR and OpenZR+). This technology is complex and powerful for your network, it even has influence on your network device operating system.
This talk will provide first insight in Nokia's implementation as well as known or potential interoperability issues addressed by the OIForum. If your transport system, router or even switch already provides coherent pluggable transceivers check the available interface parameters. You can send me these CLI outputs / management software screenshots to I will try to include it into the presentation.
And finally new formfactors for 800G and 1,6T will be part of the game as well. Stay tuned....