Using RPSL to generate config templates

Lutz Donnerhacke

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aut-num objects should contain the peering policy of an ASN. Despite a formal language (RPSL) exists, it become more and more common to describe the policy in vague textual form. This talk encourages the admins to prefer more machine readable format.

RPSL was designed to generate router configuration out of the aut-num object. The language is too specific, it's strongly coupled to the router capabilities at the time of writing the standard. While routers evolve, the language struck in development. Consequently the tool chains for RPSL became unmaintain(ed/able) or vanished completely.

This talk is about the current possibilities of RPSL. How to write peering specification, so that useful configuration templates can be generated. How to deal with BLACKHOLE and GSHUT. How to offer clear and concise definitions about inter-AS path/metric manipulations communities.

Problems with the tool chain and holes in the specification as well as possible solutions are explained.