Faster IPV6 Network Renumbering.

Sunil Mayya

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Renumbering of IPv6 clients using DHCPv6 servers without a flag day is highly desired. RFC3315bis describes Reconfiguration mechanism to dynamically renumber IPv6 addresses. Commercially available DHCPv6 servers and clients do not support Reconfiguration feature as specified in RFC3315bis. This talk discusses reconfiguration feature and its implementation on Internet System Consortium (ISC) - KEA DHCPv6 server.

Below are the main points and a brief description of each of them which will be presented in the lightning talk.

1. Current IPv6 renumbering methods.
- Explain the IPv6 renumbering scenarios and methods for the operators specified in the RFC 6879.

2. Drawbacks of current IPV6 network renumbering methods.
- Explain the disadvantages of existing IPV6 network numbering methods and hence motivation of using Reconfiguration feature.

3. Reconfiguration Procedure.
- Explain Reconfigure procedure and message exchanges involved.
- Explain Motivation for security mechanism in Reconfiguration procedure.

4. Remote Key Authentication Protocol(RKAP):-
- Explain how RKAP is used for security in Reconfiguration procedure.

5. Implementation of Reconfiguration Feature in KEA
- KEA is an open source implementation of DHCPv6 server by Internet System Consortium.
- Project carried as a part of student project for Google Summer of Code 2018 program.
- KEA supports reconfiguration of single clients, multiple clients in a single command.
- Explain internal working in brief.

6. What the Network Administrator needs to do?
- Explain steps involved in the reconfiguration procedure for the network administrator.