The Failed Space Program of the Hacker Scene

Lars Weiler

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At Camp 2011 the “Space Program of the Hacker Scene” had been released as one of the main aspects as the outcome of this Camp. It is time for a review after 12 years and reshape it into Solarpunk.

**~ For Our Future ~**

The [Space Program of the Hacker Scene]( had been released. There were three targets for the upcoming 23 years until 2034:
1. Creation of a free Satellite Network
2. A Hacker in Orbit
3. Landing a Hacker safely on the Moon

For reaching this goal, several challenges for self-sustaining habitats, community communication, and transportation needed to be resolved. That's where the hacking and making scene came into effect. But the events on the world changed quickly and we see more challenges to keep our space ship Earth intact.

Time to review the Hacker Space Program from 2011 and use its spheres of activities for a better future on Earth in combination with the Solarpunk movement.