The magic behind "one-click" deployments


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Ever wondered how you can "click" a whole VM with pre-installed services, DNS, fully configured network and much much more? - Look behind the curtains and watch "one-click-deployments" happen, and see how you can setup something like this yourself!

Using common open source tools like [NetBox]( and [Ansible]( you can setup a fully automated system that allows for fast, automated deployments from start to finish.
In my talk I'll go about the techniques used to make "one-click" deployments happen and how you can build it for yourself.

We won't go into the small details of (my) setup but we'll try to understand the general workings and solutions for common problems you might face. - But fear not: Almost everything I talk about (including my own ansible roles) is open source, so you can look at the code behind it.