G3W-SUITE: a new framework for the QGIS projects WEB publication.

Lami Leonardo

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**G3W-SUITE** is a modular, client-server application for managing and publishing interactive **QGIS** cartographic projects of various kinds in a totally independent, simple and fast way.
The application can organize cartographic contents in a hierarchic way, helping the content management in structured contexts, such as public institutions, parks, companies etc.
Accessing administration, consultation of projects, editing functions and use of different modules are based on a hierarchic system of user profiling, open to editing and modulation.
Its main components are the one for basis administration, **G3W-ADMIN**, and the visualization client for cartographic contents **G3W-CLIENT*. They communicate through a series of API REST which makes them totally interchangeable.
**G3W-ADMIN** was developed through Python, using Django, a trustworthy, solid framework.
**G3W- CLIENT** was developed using a modular approach and is based on a “reactive programming” paradigm, using Vue.Js like Javascript framework and OpenLayer3 for rendering of geographic data.
G3W-SUITE and, in particular G3W-ADMIN and G3W-CLIENT modules, are released on **GitHub** with **Mozilla Public Licence 2.0** (https://github.com/g3w-suite)