TEAM Engine - Validation of new OGC standard WFS 3.0 and status update of project

Dirk Stenger

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TEAM Engine is a testing facility enabling developers and users to test geo services, such as WFS or WFS, and geo formats, like GML or GeoPackage. The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) provides various test suites for TEAM Engine to support implementing and testing of GIS software basing on OGC standards. TEAM Engine is an OSGeo project in incubation phase.

A test suite for new OGC standard WFS 3.0, which is currently a candidate standard (status of April 2019), was developed as part of OGC Testbed 14 initiative. As this standard uses completely different concepts in comparison to, for example, WFS 2.0, several conceptional questions had to be discussed and solved during implementation of test suite.

This talk presents how the new OGC standard WFS 3.0 can be validated with TEAM Engine. The process of creating a new test suite as part of OGC Testbed 14 initiative is highlighted. This includes a short introduction of WFS 3.0 standard itself. Further, current developments in TEAM Engine project are presented and an outlook is given.