Designing for Crisis

Eriol Fox

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Ushahidi designers have been investigating what makes communities strong, resilient and what empowers them to feel like they are an integral and valued part of a whole.

Building on a research led hypothesis, that more communicative and integrated communities fair better and recover faster when disasters like hurricanes, floods and terrorist attacks hit, we are building upon this statement from users: “We want to help people in a crisis and be helped back from our own”

Now the Ushahidi product design team are finding a way to foster connections between people to help each other in little ways using technology and innovative processes like Machine learning, automatic systems and digital social trust, then we believe that we can create more of these resilient communities world wide.

We’ll cover our recent in-depth field study in Nairobi communities and our wider community research worldwide.

From Government services, Ambulance and Police to lesser known organisations like urban search and rescue (USR), SARAID, Team Rubicon and The Red Cross and then on to the communities of regular people that are supported b services and organisations and how they participate in the safety and growth of their communities