Green Coding - Measuring energy use of arbitrary applications and software stacks (EN)

Arne Tarara

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The Green Coding Metrics tool can measure the energy use of an arbitrary application.
It does this by orchestrating the app in a containerized setup and measuring either the power directly or applying a linear model in order to derive the power metrics.
We will demo measuring a typical web application and how engineers can use our tools to optimize their app in terms of energy use.

Our tool fills a current need to easily get energy metrics for a more complex setup of software.
Measuring the energy use of software is a first step in order to be aware and thus optimize the energy use of software.
Given the assumption that we are expecting more digitalization in all areas of the UN sustainable development goals we need to have an easy approach to factor the energy use in as a standard design goal of software.

The approach is innovative in a way as that it connects many existing technologies in an easy to use toolchain that is open source and can freely be used.
Integrating it in a development machine or a CI pipeline is readily possible through the use of standard formats like Dockerfiles and Selenium-Testfiles.

Green Coding Berlin GmbH is privately funded and has no conflict of interest.

The political landscape in Germany is very promising with the Umweltbundesamt already funding a similar project ( that follows an approach to measure desktop software in linux systems.
We also share our results with the KDE team and hope to achieve the best result for the society here.
We hope that our combined results will increase the focus of the German politcals on this topic even more.

The talk can be English or German :)